The Perfect Bracket Made Possible

How this works:  All possible basketball tournament bracket combinations will be divided evenly and randomly among all entrants in a lottery style pool.

Pools participants will be able to view their bracket standings in near real time and track who they need to root for in every game throughout the tournament

This exciting, first of its kind, sports lottery style contest ensures that one lucky participant is guaranteed to have the PERFECT bracket, winning a grand prize of $500.

This contest is completely FREE to enter!

Not sure who to root for? That's where we come in. Our near real time analytics will keep you in the know every step of the way.  

You've never had a rooting experience like this!

Trial Rules and Information

1) Create an account on PerfectBracketLottery.com to enter this FREE contest.

     a) You MUST create an account by 12 pm EST Wednesday March 18, 2020

2) Once registration is complete, brackets will be distributed to all participants.

     a) All bracket combinations will be assigned randomly to all participants between 12 pm EST Wednesday March 18, 2020 (cut off to enter) and 12PM EST Thursday March 19, 2020 (prior to tip off of round of 64).

  3) After all brackets have been distributed, please use the directory page to find a link to your personalized home page.

     a) Each participant's home page will contain near real time analytics, including: power rankings, count of remaining brackets, top / bottom teams to root for / against, top remaining brackets, and which team that participant should root for in EVERY game to give his or herself the best chance of winning the $500 grand prize.


4) Get your popcorn ready.  Men's basketball tournament starts!

5) Bracket analytics will rerun and update on the following schedule:

     a) First update will be complete by 12 PM EST Sunday March 22 (after the round of 64)

     b) From the round of 32 on, analytics will update in near real time, within minutes of a game's final whistle.

6) At the culmination of the tournament the lucky participant with the perfect bracket remaining will win the $500 Grand Prize!

      a) The grand prize will be paid within 30 days of the final contest

How much is 9,223,372,036,854,775,808?

If you had one penny for every bracket combination, you'd have more money than 800x the global economy.

If you took those pennies, and strung them together in a line, it would take you 19 years traveling at the speed of light to get to the other end.

Perfect Bracket Lottery

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