Our Vision | Perfect Bracket Lottery

Our Vision

The PBL vision is to engage millions of people, for every game, of every round, of the biggest tournaments in sports.
With the rapid growth of legalized sports betting, online gaming and i-lottery, there is tremendous opportunity to launch innovative digital sports-lottery products
Traditional lotteries provide the largest payouts in gaming but lack excitement. The PBL combines large lottery-style payouts with live-sports, replacing bouncing numbered balls with the biggest & most exciting games in the world

Why Start with College Basketball?

Every March, 40+ million Americans try to achieve the impossible: The Perfect Bracket
The largest media outlets in the world devote numerous headlines to these fruitless attempts

This tournament captures the attention of sports fans & gamblers everywhere.
The American Gaming Association (AGA) reports that approximately $8.5 billion was gambled on the 2019 Men’s College Basketball Tournament
Attacking 9.2 quintillion head on to deliver the world’s first Perfect Bracket made for the perfect proof of concept

Free to Enter? What’s the Catch?

The PBL team is looking for customer feedback on ways to improve our flagship product; The Perfect Bracket Lottery...
We hope that by offering participants the chance to play for free, and potentially win $500, they will be willing to complete a short survey at the culmination of this year’s tournament

What’s Next?

Our goal is to disrupt the traditional lottery space with innovative, high-payout, sports-lottery products.
The PBL’s mass-market appeal and low barriers to entry will attract NEW lottery customers and grow wallet share.
The Perfect Bracket Lottery’s proprietary algorithm can be applied to a limitless number of finite sporting events, greatly broadening the marketing potential.

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